BOD Meeting 11/05/15

BOD Meeting 11/05/15

Held via Skype
Attendance:  Ken Jones, Ashley Bond, Linda Lee & Jordan Leigh

Called to order: 8:31pm EST


  • The balance in the checking as of September 2015 was $5797. 34
    • Jordan Motioned Approval; Ken 2nd
  • Lora Ament has expressed interested to become treasurer
    • Ken motioned to approve Lora as Treasurer;
  • Linda removed Sherry’s name from bank account
    • Need to get another person on Wells Fargo bank account.
  • Need to know where money is coming from

New Members

  • Lora Ament – Linda Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Ken Yes; Ashley Yes
    • Voted in as Treasurer: Jordon Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Ken Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Vera Boyle – Linda Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Sandra Ball – Linda Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Elma Burns – Jordon Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Debby Lasseter – Ken Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Linda Meek – Ken Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Nannette Young – Ken Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Kacye Yates – Ken Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes

BOD/Regional Directors/Bio

  • Ashley: Write up an intro about our regional directors and what their job entails to post to facebook page.
  • BOD individual bios
  • Share on facebook and tell members how they have access to the BOD
    • go to directors with issues to bring back to the BOD
  • Still Need Central Director


  • UKC needs to know what our plans are
  • Linda 2016 Specialty — held in Colorado.
    • Linda was in contact with Colorado club and never received contact back but will pursue response again.
  • Need to know by Nov 23rd
  • Could have one in April, Denton, TX : Ken


  • Amanda has a ribbon count
  • Linda and Amanda are in contact
  • Linda wants to place next order in bulk
  • According to Darice, Barbie was bringing Ribbons :: Ken been in contact

New Member Welcome Packet

  • Email with welcome letter and membership info.
    • input new member and member packet is emailed automatically
    • Work on welcome letter
  • There used to be a snail mail packet that contained a membership card for members to present at shows for discounts.
    • instead of having the cards in hand, shows need an updated membership list to check off on.

Updated BOD

  • Ashley emailed UKC to ask what their current list of BOD were.
  • Ashley emailed UKC with president changes

Membership Secretary

  • Do we need to get a PO box?
    • instead of Membership Secretary’s physical address
    • Linda to check on cost and details of PO box
    • Does Lora need a PO Box?
    • Vote on next meeting

Meeting Night Change

  • Ken will write up an email about potentially changing the night of the meeting and submit to BOD for reply

Adjourned:  Ken Motioned to adjourn; Linda 2nd;
Adjourned 9:37 pm EST