Things to Know

baileyrattRat Terriers….

• Are occasionally mistaken for Jack Russell Terriers, large Chihuahuas, Toy Fox Terriers, Manchester Terriers, or Miniature Pinschers (Black & Tan colors). Now that the general public is more aware of our breed, these mistaken breed identities are occurring less often.

• Come in many different coat colors and patterns. Acceptable colors are any combination of two (bi) or three colors (tri), no solid colors except white, may or may not have ticking (spotting/freckles) with or without acceptable patterns. (See our club’s Photo Guide page for complete descriptions).

• Commonly have 3 different ear sets (erect, semi-erect, or button) with a matching ear carriage preferred after the age of one year.

FlashCPEDW11010-Copy• Come in two height varieties. (Mini is 13″ and under and the Standard is over 13″ and under 18″).

• Are easy to groom having a short straight coat that has a minimal odor. Their coats are easily kept in good care with an occasional bath and currying. Like ALL coated breeds, they will shed. Their nails and teeth need to be kept clean and trimmed.

• Are highly intelligent quick learners with a strong desire to please their owner(s). They enjoy being involved in the day to day activities of their owners whether being a lap dog or hunter.

• Are hardy and healthy for the most part. They generally do not require special treatment to get by in ordinary life. They can easily keep up on a brisk walk, can jump into a regular-sized vehicle, and are capable of carrying out owners directives.

• Are first and foremost family members with the secondary capacity for being hunters and eradicators of vermin. They primarily hunt by sight and scent. Squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, rats, and mice are their usual target, but will readily go to ground after a burrowing animal.

• Are big dogs in a small package and are terriers through and through with bravery and tenacity. Size is no concern to them.

• Are tolerant of other breeds, pets, and children, especially if they have been raised with them and handled appropriately as young puppies.

• Need regular positive socialization from early puppy hood with as much stimuli assugar possible. It’s important to introduce friendly dogs and other animals, people of all ages, places, vehicles, handling, affection, discipline, with the sights and sounds of a busy household to avoid developing a timid, fearful, or hand-shy nature.

• Are territorial and consider themselves guardians of their homes, yards and family. They will announce strangers with a loud bark but should quiet when the newcomers are welcomed as guests. Some are protective of their owner(s) and cautious with strangers until they get to know them.

• May become nervous, agitated and destructive if left unattended and unsupervised for EXCESSIVE amounts of time.

• When left alone for extended periods of time they do best when their minds are kept stimulated. Soft music, safe toys, hidden treats to find, or another dog for companionship are all helpful in reducing frustration or boredom when owners are away.

• Need a securely fenced yard. They are quite curious and clever by nature and may become very inventive as escape artists.

• Are Terriers and as such, will take any opportunity given to “inspect” your yard and rid it if moles, grubs, and other ground creatures.