Hall of Fame

Top Ten pointsUKC
Top Ten points are automatically awarded at all UKC regular licensed conformation events to each Best of Breed winner (with the exception of Coonhounds), who receives one point for each dog defeated in breed competition, provided that there are at least two dogs of any sex correctly entered and shown in that breed. Dogs that are disqualified or excused from competition do not count, and shall be deducted from the total number of dogs shown in the breed when calculating the number of Top Ten points earned. Top Ten points are calculated by UKC based on the official event report submitted by the Event Secretary.

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Top Ten competition year
Top Ten points are calculated from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

2014 Top 10

1UFR CA GRCH'PR'Trimark's Ur The 1 River Ridge119Patricia Smith, Barbara Trammell
2UCD UAGI URO3 GRCH Raganrat's Quintessential Q82Darice Ragan Or Harriett Browne
3NBOB GRCH Seegmillers Dark Anthem81Kimberly Seegmiller
4GRCH Atencio's Once Upon A Dream80Rebekah Anthony Or Danielle Atencio-kupfer
5GRCH'PR'Rnb Dos Defying Gravity59Tracey Gillies, Darin Gillies
5GRCH 3bf Fifty Shades Of Greatness59Electra Blair
7GRCH'PR'Aacres Go For It55Catherine L Adams, Rachel Townsend
8CA GRCH'PR'King Pen Bentley Royal31Lavonne Thoming
9GRCH'PR'Cohills Who Whiz It @bur-way30Barbara Trammell
10GRCH Short's Flash Of Blue Kitchi28Wendy S Sherman
10GRCH King Pen Rnb's Queen Ann28Sherry Hendrix

2013 Top 10

1GRCH Seegmillers Dark Anthem115Kimberly Seegmiller
2GRCH’PR’River Ridge’s Level Of Intrigue109Stacy Mc Williams
3GRCH’PR’River Ridge I Put A Spell On U88 Judith Babarsky
4USR UFR GRCH’PR’Riverridge Sank Ur Battleship86Balynda Brown And Stacy Mc Williams
5NBOB URO1 GRCH Ratitatt Buzablu Daisy Jamboree66Linda K Lee And Valerie Luchsinger
6UWP UFR GRCH 3bf Stars Last Detail65Electra Blair
7GRCH King Pen Rnb’s Queen Ann63Sherry Hendrix
7GRCH 3bf Fifty Shades Of Greatness63Electra Blair
9GRCH’PR’Cal Val Stiletto’s Igo Tequila56Mike Ferguson Or Jennifer Ferguson
10GRCH 3bf Rain N On Yar Parade53Electra Blair

2012 Top 10

1NBOB UFR GRCH’PR’Stoneybays Ur Martini’s Serv’d203Stacy Mc Williams and Tammy Jordan
2USR UFR GRCH’PR’Riverridge Sank Ur Battleship118Balynda Brown and Stacy Mc Williams
3GRCH’PR’Bur-way Without Limits103Barbara Trammell or Felicity Trammell
4UAGI URO1 GRCH Raganrat’s Quintessential Q102Darice Ragan or Harriett Browne
5CA USCH UFR GRCH’PR’Riverridge Trin2 Sail 2 The Top93Balynda Brown and Stacy Mc Williams
6UWP GRCH 3bf Stars Yar Got It Comn N Goin86Electra Blair
7GRCH’PR’River Ridge Simply Irresistible79Stacy Mc Williams
8GRCH’PR’Cohills Indian Outlaw61Amanda Hill
9GRCH’PR’K2’s Prognostication For Hdk60Rebekah Anthony
10GRCH’PR’King Pen Stack The Deck55Ruth Kramer

2011 Top 10

1USR UFR GRCH’PR’Riverridge Trin2 Sail 2 The Top249Balynda Brown and Stacy Mc Williams
2UFR GRCH’PR’Stoneybays Ur Martini’s Serv’d235Stacy Mc Williams and Tammy Jordan
3URO1 GRCH Raganrat’s Quintessential Q189Darice Ragan or Harriett Browne
4GRCH’PR’Ktr’s Last Of The Mohicans139Beverly C Calhoun
5GRCH’PR’River Ridge’s Tri’n Top This126Tammy Jordan or Stacy Mc Williams
6GRCH Aristocrats With A Bullet116Barbara Trammell or Felicity Trammell
7GRCH Bluegks Eat Ur Heart Out Boyz63Electra Blair or Tracey Gillies
8GRCH’PR’King Pen Stack The Deck59Ruth Kramer
9GRCH Aristocrat The Iceman Cometh55Lynzie Baldwin
10UWP GRCH Ratitatt Gala Shindig 46Valerie Luchsinger

2010 Top 10

1UFR GRCH’PR’Stoneybays Ur Martini’s Serv’d333Stacy Mc Williams and Tammy Jordan
2GRCH 3bfstars Yar My Mbasadr O Kwan227Barbara Trammell or Felicity Trammell
3GRCH’PR’Riverridge Trin2 Sail 2 The Top164Balynda Brown and Stacy Mc Williams
4GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am161Jeffrey Werner and Andrea Werner
5NBOB GRCH Rpk’s Pitch Black Nbt116Danielle Atencio-kupfer
6GRCH’PR’Riverridge Trin Catchme If U Can111April Ellison and Stacy Mc Williams
7GRCH Blairs Star Who’s The Leader92Sharon Blair and Stacey Mc Williams
8GRCH Jillie’s-it’s All About Beau90Beth Veltri or Jill Christian
9GRCH Srk K2’s Zero Sight Adjustment86Rebekah Anthony
10GRCH 3bf Stars Yar Got It Comn N Goin71Electra Blair

2009 Top 10

1GRCH’PR’Stoneybays Ur Martini’s Serv’d347Stacy Mc Williams and Tammy Jordan
2GRCH Bur-way Cock It & Pull It215Felicity Trammell or Barbara Trammell
3UWPV UWPCH NBOB USR UFR GRCH’PR’King Pen’s Lost Echo166Ray Draper
4GRCH Blairs Star Who’s The Leader159Sharon Blair and Stacey Mc Williams
5GRCH’PR’Ratitatt All Abuzz About Jeter151Andrea Werner or Valerie Luchsinger
6GRCH Aris Brt Velvet Revolver150Lynzie Baldwin
7GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am100Jeffrey Werner and Andrea Werner
8GRCH Raganratitatt Absolut Lee Blu95Valerie Luchsinger
9GRCH River Ridge Shineon Sweet Stuff94Stacy Mc Williams
10GRCH Gold Rush Lady Darringer73Janet Allen

2008 Top 10

1GRCH River Ridge Shineon Sweet StuffStacy McWilliams
2UWP NBOB USR UFR GRCH ‘PR’ King Pen’s Lost EchoRay Draper
3GRCH River Ridge’s So So FabulousBarbie Trammell or Stacy McWilliams
4GRCH ‘PR’ Ratitatt All Abuzz About JeterAndrea Werner or Valerie Luchsinger
5GRCH Bur-Way American Doll @ B’ridgeKari Jepson or Barbara Trammell
6GRCH Desert Highs Light Of EternityDebbie Glaspey or Gary Glaspey
7GRCH Raganratitatt Absolut Lee BluValerie Luchsinger
8GRCH River Ridge’s I Want It AllKelley Townsend and Stacy McWilliams
9GRCH ‘PR’ Stoneybays Ur Martini’s Serv’dStacy McWilliams and Tammy Jordan
10GRCH Riverridge She’s A Rise’n StarStacy McWilliams or Donna Sullivan

2007 Top 10

1NBOB GRCH Kisme Turn Who Are You?429Barbara Trammell and Robyn Kissler
2USR UFR GRCH’PR’King Pen’s Lost Echo423Ray Draper
3GRCH King Pen Rb Buzzabout Ratitatt245Valerie S Luchsinger
4GRCH Desert Highs Light Of Eternity238Debbie Glaspey or Gary Glaspey
5GRCH Star’s 4 Ur Eyes Only Riveridge230Stacy Mc Williams and Barbara Trammell
6GRCH’PR’Ratitatt All Abuzz About Jeter217Andrea Werner or Valerie Luchsinger
7GRCH River Ridge Shineon Sweet Stuff110Stacy Mc Williams
8NBOB GRCH Rpk’s She’s The One79Barbara Trammell and Kathy Russell
9GRCH Raganrat Daredevil In A Dually72Darice Ragan
10GRCH Rtr’s In Good Company Nbt68Barbara Trammell or Randi Ross

2006 Top 10

1GRCH King Pen Rb Buzzabout Ratitatt572Valerie S Luchsinger
2GRCH Rpk’s She’s The One351Barbara Trammell and Kathy Russell
3UWP UFR GRCH Four Paws Ambers Twista Fate179Stacy Mc Williams
4GRCH Turn Star’s Urban Cowboy174Felicity Hoke
5GRCH Desert Highs Light Of Eternity149Debbie Glaspey or Gary Glaspey
6GRCH Tanaga Baileys Tru Obsession144Robin M Lutwinas
6GRCH Turn Ring Go144Susan D Turner
8GRCH Whispermoons Take Ur Best Shot142Stephanie Myers
9GRCH’PR’King Pen’s Lost Echo127Ray Draper
10 GRCH Rdhous Loft Tall & Bulletproof98Felicity Hoke or Karen A Brancheau

2005 Top 10

1UWP GRCH Star’s Mission Impossible466Barbie Trammell
2GRCH Turn The Other Paw254Susan D Turner
3GRCH Tanaga Baileys Tru Obsession208Robin M Lutwinas
4USR UFR GRCH King Pen’s Yahoo163Jo Ann Draper
5GRCH King Pen’s Oz Over Thee Rainbow131Dud Lee Hendrix
6GRCH Rpk’s She’s The One129Barbara Trammell and Kathy Russell
7UFR GRCH Tanaga Mr X’s Tuff Tinker127Robin M Lutwinas
8GRCH King Pen’s Kalifornia Ratitatt120Valerie S Luchsinger
9GRCH Turn The Tide106Tami Blackketter or Susan D Turner
10UFR USCH GRCH King Pen Whoopie Lee101Sherry Hendrix

2004 Top 10

1NBOB GRCH Logan Lane Kisme G Lightning443Robyn Kissler or Rhonda Fassbender
2GRCH King Pen Whoopie Lee297Sherry Hendrix and Jo Ann Draper
3GRCH Star’s Mission Impossible185Barbie Trammell
4GRCH Flinthills Ben Roun’da Ben130Glenda Bruneau or Bonnie Turner
5GRCH Raganrat Bailey Boy127Darice Ragan
6UFCH USCH GRCH Poochville’s Macy Mae Brown123Marcia G Meyers
7GRCH Pv Kgpn Hurricane Ridge Rr114Marilou Russell
8GRCH Tanaga’s October Fest107Robin M Lutwinas
9GRCH King Pen’s Kalifornia Ratitatt89Valerie S Luchsinger
10GRCH Turn The Other Paw75Susan D Turner