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BOD Meeting 12/03/15

Attendance: Ken, Jordan, Mary, Ashley

Meeting called to order:   8:52 PM EST
Meetings read from last meeting: Ken Motioned as Read; Mary 2nd

Ken received a box of items from Darice Ragan; felt some of the things needed to be sent to Secretary.  Mary & Jordan agreed
Ken will mail items to Ashley

Correspondence from UKC will first start with Ashley and she is to disperse accordingly

Skype wasnt working correctly so was decided to send pressing issues for vote through email.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30EST by Jordan Leigh


The BOD voted to have Linda & Lara as Executive signers on the bank account of ARTA.

Attachement:  (Email from UKC)

From: Clubs <>
To: Ashley Bond <>
Sent: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 1:43 pm
Subject: RE: ARTA US 0120

Hello Ashley,

Below is a list of the officers for ARTA:

President: KEN JONES                       (P) 903-465-5635 (F)
990 SINGETREK RD                  E-Mail:
DENISON TX  75021                   KNDKENNELSTX@GMAIL.COM


Vice Pres: LINDA LEE                       (P) 970-216-5757 (F)
1630 12 RD                              E-Mail:
LOMACO  81524                      BUZABLU@MSN.COM


Secretary: ASHLEY BOND                     (P) 276-686-4644 (F)
7612 WEST LEE HWY              E-Mail:


Treasurer: LORA AMENT                      (P) 614-499-6928 (F)
2207 TEALWOOD DR                          E-Mail:

BOD Meeting 11/05/15

BOD Meeting 11/05/15

Held via Skype
Attendance:  Ken Jones, Ashley Bond, Linda Lee & Jordan Leigh

Called to order: 8:31pm EST


  • The balance in the checking as of September 2015 was $5797. 34
    • Jordan Motioned Approval; Ken 2nd
  • Lora Ament has expressed interested to become treasurer
    • Ken motioned to approve Lora as Treasurer;
  • Linda removed Sherry’s name from bank account
    • Need to get another person on Wells Fargo bank account.
  • Need to know where money is coming from

New Members

  • Lora Ament – Linda Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Ken Yes; Ashley Yes
    • Voted in as Treasurer: Jordon Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Ken Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Vera Boyle – Linda Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Sandra Ball – Linda Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Elma Burns – Jordon Motioned Yes; Ken 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Debby Lasseter – Ken Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Linda Meek – Ken Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Nannette Young – Ken Motioned Yes; Jordon 2nd Yes; Linda Yes; Ashley Yes
  • Kacye Yates – Ken Motioned Yes; Linda 2nd Yes; Jordon Yes; Ashley Yes

BOD/Regional Directors/Bio

  • Ashley: Write up an intro about our regional directors and what their job entails to post to facebook page.
  • BOD individual bios
  • Share on facebook and tell members how they have access to the BOD
    • go to directors with issues to bring back to the BOD
  • Still Need Central Director


  • UKC needs to know what our plans are
  • Linda 2016 Specialty — held in Colorado.
    • Linda was in contact with Colorado club and never received contact back but will pursue response again.
  • Need to know by Nov 23rd
  • Could have one in April, Denton, TX : Ken


  • Amanda has a ribbon count
  • Linda and Amanda are in contact
  • Linda wants to place next order in bulk
  • According to Darice, Barbie was bringing Ribbons :: Ken been in contact

New Member Welcome Packet

  • Email with welcome letter and membership info.
    • input new member and member packet is emailed automatically
    • Work on welcome letter
  • There used to be a snail mail packet that contained a membership card for members to present at shows for discounts.
    • instead of having the cards in hand, shows need an updated membership list to check off on.

Updated BOD

  • Ashley emailed UKC to ask what their current list of BOD were.
  • Ashley emailed UKC with president changes

Membership Secretary

  • Do we need to get a PO box?
    • instead of Membership Secretary’s physical address
    • Linda to check on cost and details of PO box
    • Does Lora need a PO Box?
    • Vote on next meeting

Meeting Night Change

  • Ken will write up an email about potentially changing the night of the meeting and submit to BOD for reply

Adjourned:  Ken Motioned to adjourn; Linda 2nd;
Adjourned 9:37 pm EST