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Oct 5, 2016 Minutes

October 5, 2016 – 8:30PM EST 

Roll Call:  Valerie, Linda Lee, Carmeta (Meta) French, Glenda Jaswal

Approve Minutes October 5, 2016

Report of Recording Secretary – Glenda, ask for dog events for confirmation.  Need to know their list for the current ARTA BoD list.  A form the secretary fills out showing officers.  Valerie doesn’t believe this is correct and wants to be able to take their list and compare to ours and get it right.  If my name is not on the list, ask if Linda Lee is and she may have to make the call to UKC

Report of Membership Secretary – Linda report is that she sent out an updated membership list as of 9/14/16.  There are no new members.

Report of Treasurer

September, 2016

Checking   1246602039

Beginning Balance as of September 1, 2016                          $5088.48

Deposits/Credits                                                                                $0

Withdrawals/Debits                                                                        $25.00   transfer to savings

To prevent service charges

$46.57 to PayPal account to

pay web hosting fees

Ending Balance on September 30, 2016                                $5,016.91

Savings   1246657595

Beginning Balance as of September 1, 2016                         $1250.17

Deposits/Credits                                                                              $25.03

Withdrawals/Debits                                                                       $0.00

Ending Balance on August 31, 2016                                         $1300.23

Total of all accounts:                                                                 $6317.14      

Respectfully Submitted

Lora Ament, Treasurer

Report of Regional Directors – Harriett / Jordon – no report

Newsletter Committee – Lora Ament – Lora has a September newsletter draft, sent on September 9. Valerie to send out for review and comment.

Website Committee (Ashley Bond, Webmaster) – Linda Lee and Valerie to review September 8th email on how to add minutes and breeder listings.

Unfinished business

  • Dec 2015 Specialty – Need to get ribbons: (Meta) The ribbons are at Amanda Hills.  Linda is unaware of what was used or is left. 
  • Low Membership – Table this.  Need a social committee to contribute to this. 
  • ARTA BOD positions:  Get an email thread voting Meta’s interest in VP
  • Send out an email recommending to vote Harriett Brown out; Valerie will send out an email to Harriett as a courtesy first.
  • Meta French is considering becoming VP or Eastern Director
  • Linda will contact Lois again for clarity.  Rita Grasante’ needs to be invited to meetings to discover if she is a good fit for the group.

New business

  • Elections for 2017 – Valerie wrote up all the info on the agenda.  Glenda to read up on it.  Will talk to Linda and send out info to the rest of the group.
    • Positions up for election June 2017:
      • President, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Eastern and Mountain directors
      • Terms are 2 years – May continue in same position for 2 full concurrent terms
    • Important Dates per C&B:
      • By November 15 per C&B – BOD Assign a Nomination Committee, Tally Committee
      • By January 15, 2017 – Nomination Committee submits slate of Nominees to Recording Secretary
      • By February 1, 2017 – Recording Secretary mail or email slate of Nominees to Membership
      • By March 15, 2017 – Members submit any additional nominations with written acceptance to Recording Secretary
      • By March 31, 2017 – Mail election ballots to membership if there is more than 1 member interested in the same BOD position
      • By May 1, 2017 – All ballot must be received by Chairperson of Tally Committee. Recording Secretary retains ballots for 2 years as part of official records
      • By May 31, 2017 – Tally Chairperson reports election results to Membership Secretary.
        • Membership Secretary completes Officer List form, obtains signatures of previous and new officers, submits list of new officers to UKC.
      • By June 30, 2017 – Annual Membership meeting held announcing the new ARTA BODs. New officers take office immediately following meeting
      • Specialty: Apple Valley Club would like to hold a Rat Terrier Specialty (possibly the Nationals) end of April 2017, most likely on Friday.   Date to be determined soon.   Westfield Fairgrounds in Massachusetts. Paperwork must be submitted before November 1st to avoid late fees.
      • Carmeta (“Meta”) French is the Show Committee Chairperson and will start the arrangements. All agreements will be written contracts (UKC, Apple Valley, Judge).  Ribbons from prior Specialty will be shipped per arrangements made with Meta.


      • Meeting adjourned 10:22 pm


Next Meeting – BOD Skype Wednesday November 2, 2016 8:30 PM EST.

BOD Meeting 12/03/15

Attendance: Ken, Jordan, Mary, Ashley

Meeting called to order:   8:52 PM EST
Meetings read from last meeting: Ken Motioned as Read; Mary 2nd

Ken received a box of items from Darice Ragan; felt some of the things needed to be sent to Secretary.  Mary & Jordan agreed
Ken will mail items to Ashley

Correspondence from UKC will first start with Ashley and she is to disperse accordingly

Skype wasnt working correctly so was decided to send pressing issues for vote through email.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30EST by Jordan Leigh


The BOD voted to have Linda & Lara as Executive signers on the bank account of ARTA.

Attachement:  (Email from UKC)

From: Clubs <>
To: Ashley Bond <>
Sent: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 1:43 pm
Subject: RE: ARTA US 0120

Hello Ashley,

Below is a list of the officers for ARTA:

President: KEN JONES                       (P) 903-465-5635 (F)
990 SINGETREK RD                  E-Mail:
DENISON TX  75021                   KNDKENNELSTX@GMAIL.COM


Vice Pres: LINDA LEE                       (P) 970-216-5757 (F)
1630 12 RD                              E-Mail:
LOMACO  81524                      BUZABLU@MSN.COM


Secretary: ASHLEY BOND                     (P) 276-686-4644 (F)
7612 WEST LEE HWY              E-Mail:


Treasurer: LORA AMENT                      (P) 614-499-6928 (F)
2207 TEALWOOD DR                          E-Mail: